Dr. Arijit Mondal

Principal, M.R. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research

M.R. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research is committed to nurturing critical thinkers and key contributors to the healthcare sector. As Principal, I am honored to guide our students and faculty in understanding and advancing the role of pharmacists in today's complex healthcare environment. At the core of pharmaceutical education is the development of professionals who are not only experts on drug products and their applications but are also poised to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Pharmaceutical care is an integral part of comprehensive healthcare, making pharmacists indispensable in the management of medication and patient care. They serve as the frontline resource for drug information and advice on common health issues, ensuring the safe and effective use of medication. At M.R. College, our aim is to elevate this role, preparing our students to be proficient and proactive in their professional engagements.

Founded in 2019 under the visionary leadership of Dr. Jahidul Sarkar and backed by the M.R. Charitable Trust, our college has quickly established itself as a premier institution for pharmacy education in West Bengal. We offer a four-year Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) and a two-year Diploma of Pharmacy (D.Pharm), both recognized and approved by MAKAUT and the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).

Our faculty, a blend of experienced educators and industry professionals, are dedicated to the intellectual and professional growth of our students. They leverage our state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities to provide a hands-on learning experience that is both comprehensive and engaging. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom; we actively support and encourage our students to engage in national conferences and workshops, enriching their education and professional networks.

At M.R. College, our educational philosophy is to foster an environment of inquiry and learning that goes beyond the curriculum. We provide additional training opportunities that allow our students to conduct independent research, broadening their academic horizons and preparing them for the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

Together with our skilled educators, support staff, and administration, we are dedicated to equipping our healthcare community with knowledgeable, ethical, and compassionate professionals. I invite you to join us in this exciting and rewarding journey at M.R. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, where your educational and professional aspirations will be met with the highest standards of excellence and support.

Thank you for considering our institution as your gateway to a fulfilling career in pharmaceutical sciences.