•  B.Pharm (lateral)  is a 3 year degree course and makes a person competent in the area of medicines and drug products.
  •  Pharmacy students are taught – Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics, Phytomedicine and many more.
  • Students of B.Pharm (lateral) are specially trained in various industrial pharmacy subjects – making them highly proficient and practical oriented.
  • Large number of drug companies employ the B.Pharm qualified candidates in their Production, Quality Control and Analysis department.
  • B.Pharm candidates due to the wealth of knowledge that they possess about drugs and drug products are preferred over other candidates for the highly lucrative posts in the medicine-marketing departments.

Possessing a graduate degree in Pharmacy is a passport to study many post graduate courses opening the channels for the highly paid Pharma career in Drug Companies, Clinical Research Organizations, Drug Discovery Laboratories.