Dr. Jahidul Sarkar

Director, M.R. Charitable Trust

M.R. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research is a proud entity under the umbrella of "M.R. Knowledge Park." I am Dr. Jahidul Sarkar, and it is my privilege to lead this institution as we strive to reach new heights in pharmaceutical education.

From humble beginnings as a first-generation learner in a family facing significant challenges, my journey has been deeply influenced by the transformative power of education. Inspired by visionary leaders like Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and guided by the principles of Islam, I recognized early on that the liberalization and privatization of India's economy would vastly expand the horizons of our educational sector. It was with this foresight and the support of my family and well-wishers that I founded the M.R. Charitable Trust, which has since blossomed into a consortium of educational institutions, each dedicated to fostering excellence and innovation.

At M.R. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research, we are committed to nurturing a new generation of pharmaceutical professionals who are not only skilled but also ethical and visionary. Our campus, part of the broader "M.R. Knowledge Park," is a testament to what can be achieved with unwavering vision, meticulous planning, and relentless effort. Our faculty and I spend countless hours ensuring that our programs meet the highest standards and that our students receive the support they need to thrive both professionally and personally.

Leadership, for me, has always been about seeing opportunities in every challenge and demonstrating to others that these challenges are surmountable. My life's work has been to embody the path I advocate, leading by example and ensuring that every student can see a way forward in their journey, no matter the obstacles.

As an avid reader and orator, I continuously seek to share knowledge and inspire through words, whether in classrooms or in public speeches. Outside of my professional roles, my commitment extends to philanthropy, particularly focused on uplifting those less fortunate-a commitment that is both a personal passion and an integral part of our institutional ethos.

Thank you for considering M.R. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research as the launchpad for your career. Together, we aim to not only explore the frontiers of pharmaceutical sciences but also to prepare you to lead and innovate in an ever-evolving world. Here, we understand that leadership is not just about navigating the way but also about paving the way forward for others to follow.

I look forward to welcoming you to our campus and to the exciting opportunities that await you in the world of pharmaceutical sciences.